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Ollin is designed to work around you and your workspace or home office needs rather than the other way around. Its unique technology means its movement is super smooth and easy to manage, no matter what position you want your monitor to sit in.


Due to its design, Ollin can support monitors, tablets and laptops from 0kg to 9kg which is rarely seen on monitor arms.


Ollin can support a single, dual, or curved monitor with ease, so is able to fit right into your workspace. To support two screens, Ollin uses a dual mount bar which is thought to be the most adaptable and economical dual solution on the market.


A horizontal reach of 674mm (26.5 inches) can be achieved along with a vertical reach of 367mm (14 inches). Ollin monitor supports are available in white, silver, and black.


Can be fitted to the desk worktop with a variety of options from split desk clamp or a top mount clamp. A split clamp is best to be used where there is limited access to the edges of the desk surface. It can be completely disassembled to make installation easier. A split clamp will fit a desk thickness from 0mm to 65mm (2½”).


A top mount clamp can be used on desks with sliding worktops or where it is not possible or desirable to drill through the desk surface. Range of standard clamps to fit desk thickness from 12mm (½”) to 25mm (1”).


• Horizontal reach: 674mm
• Max height: 508mm
• Vertical range: 367mm
• Monitor tilt range: +80° / -10°


Ollin Monitor Arm

VAT Included

If the product is in stock, then delivery will be 2-4 days. If not in stock, please expect 1-2 weeks for delivery