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office chairs

Our office chairs are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and support for long hours of work. They are suitable for both office and home office use, and feature full adjustability and lumbar support. Each chair can be supplied in a range of materials and colours so get in touch for more info.


The breathable mesh fabric and padded seat make sitting for extended periods of time more comfortable.

together with seat being able to adjust automatically to all users. The perfect addition to any office

SE: motion emits a sense of dynamic lightness. The perforated backrest not only sets visual accents, but also ensures elasticity and maximum sitting comfort. 

SE: joy is all about fun – not least because it is excellent value for money.

Sedus quarterback is an office swivel chair that significantly enhances productive well-being. The especially high backrest secures the body firmly and, in any position, encourages concentrated  working.

Netwin owes its name to the double mesh membrane in the backrest, which is not only lights but also provides an impressive level of comfort. Improved ergonomics for relaxed and efficient working.